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Freebies UK is the perfect app for UK residents or visitors looking to revamp their social life. Anytime you need it, it'll come up with loads of free plans that you can do at absolutely no charge.

Whatever you want to do: visit museums, have dinner out, go to the movies or take a walking tour – Freebies UK keeps you informed on all kinds of free activities ranging from a wide array of interests. Now you'll never have to spend extra money on fun activities and cultural visits ever again.

Using Freebies UK is as simple as turning on the app. From there, automatically you'll gain access to a huge number of promotions that are available at any given time – without any need for registering on other additional services. Simply save the promotion code you're interested in to enjoy all the free plans this app has to offer. Soon enough, you'll find all the best free activities, and you'll be making the most of one of the loveliest countries in the world – for free!
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